Taxation piggy bank

Most of our clients would leap at the opportunity to pay less tax. As a Canadian resident who earns income, we must annually file a personal income tax return. The same would apply for any corporations that operate a business in Canada. Corporations must file a T2 corporate income tax return no later than six months after the corporation’s year-end.

The actual filing is an annual event. However, throughout the year, we must also take time to consider the tax implications of our decisions. We offer planning strategies that could help the client in reducing tax liability. Tax planning is essential to minimize tax and maximize profits in both personal and corporate settings.

We offer a wide range of tax services from personal and corporate returns, estate and trust taxation, Goods and Services Tax compliance to U.S. tax filing. We also provide personal and business tax consulting to help minimize tax burden. Our goal is to help the client to develop a set of tax planning strategies that is effective in dealing with savings and avoiding tax traps.

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